Nofim Tower has an excellent nursing care unit consisting of only 19  beds. While intended for use by Nofim residents, the unit is open to patients from outside.

The nursing care unit, operating under Ministry of Health supervision, is staffed by a head physician, social worker, and round-the-clock team of nurses. The head physician and social worker also serve the apartment residents, which allows for continuity of treatment and personal acquaintance with hospitalized patients. The unit contains the latest and best medical equipment. The experienced, dedicated treatment staff wins the praise of patients and their families. We recognize the benefit of a long-term, cohesive medical team as a means of building professionalism and strengthening the bond between caregivers and care receivers.

Another professional team working in the unit provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy, guided activities, nutritional expertise, and pharmacy services.

Nofim residents are entitled to a significant reduction in hospitalization costs. The fee covers all the patient's needs, apart from medication and ambulatory services.


From the "thank you" letters of patients' families:


"We saw the work of the nursing unit staff, including Dr. Stocknov, the head nurse Ziv, and the other nurses, and were impressed by their patience and dedication in caring for the patients of the unit… My husband and I would like to thank you personally for your willingness to arrange for my aunt's immediate admission, and for all the devoted treatment she received in the years she was at Nofim"


"I was fortunate that both my parents were able to spend the last period of their lives in your unit, with all the warmth and love you know how to convey. Preserving a person's dignity is, undoubtedly, one of your guiding principles."


"…a simple thank you can't express our gratitude for what you have done for all of us."




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