Nofim Tower offers residents 1 ½- or 2 ½-room units, most of which have balconies.

The units were planned to grant residents maximum convenience.

They are specially designed and equipped for independent living within the facility.


Each unit also features:

  • Wall closets and storage space
  • An internal communication system and emergency call system
  • Telephone and main antenna connections in two separate locations
  • Pre-wiring for cable and satellite service
  • Hot water 24/7
  • Central heating


Once a lease is signed, the apartment is renovated in coordination with the resident and within agreed-upon budgetary limits.



New residents pay a deposit fee based on the size of their selected apartment. When the apartment is returned to the company after it is no longer used by the resident, the sum of the deposit is paid back in full, with no deductions of any type, to the resident or his/her heir.

Residents pay a monthly maintenance fee that covers service costs. The maintenance fee covers municipal property taxes, hot water, cleaning, and all Nofim-provided services: health, culture, safety and security, and the like. Other costs—electricity, telephone, and cable service—are the resident's responsibility.


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