• Mini-market
  • Restaurant
  • Furnished guest rooms (no kitchen)
  • Laundry room Locked
  • indoor parking
  • lot Cleaning services 24-hour
  • medical supervision
  • Social worker (who maintains contact with families and institutions)
  • Guard on duty 24/7


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  • Library
  • Classes (painting, singing, literature, history, Bible studies, and more)
  • Art gallery with a landscape view Lectures on a variety of topics
  • Concerts and entertainment
  • Films Exercise room Computer room
  • Petting zoo (also for enjoyment with grandchildren)
  • Synagogue


Nofim hosts an attractive, interesting cultural activity each evening. Nofim also encourages participation in day trips, cultural events, and other activities taking place in Jerusalem and throughout Israel, at the initiative of interested residents.


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