Nofim Tower opened its doors in 1984 as one of Jerusalem's first sheltered housing facilities. It is located in the Kiryat HaYovel neighborhood, overlooking the scenic village of Ein Karem. The residents are the owners of the company that manages the facility, and, as such, they manage their lives independently, within a community that is both stimulating and supportive.


Nofim Tower's 153 apartments vary in size and are suitable for couples or single residents. The building also houses an excellent nursing care unit licensed by the Ministry of Health.


On site are halls for social, cultural, and sports activities, as well as a petting zoo, computer room, and comprehensive service system.


Residing at Nofim Tower are scholars and educators, senior government officials, self-employed professionals, and members of the business and economic community. Many continue to work in their fields and partake in their regular leisure time activities. A good number engage in various volunteer projects, within the building and elsewhere.


The building and company that manages it are fully owned and administered by the residents as a CIC (Community Interest Company). The company invests its revenue in building improvements and expansion of services. When they join, residents are granted a bond by the Israeli Corporations Authority, testifying that they have become a part of the company as owners.


Nofim's residents elect an administrative council composed of the residents themselves. Each resident has the right to vote and be voted for in council elections. It is this council of residents that determines the level of services and the maintenance fees. From among its members, the council appoints chairs for committees that administer the facility and are responsible for financial matters, health care, food services, cultural events, and more.


The staff of the facility and company is highly skilled, sensitive, and experienced. The level of services is high; the cost of hospitalization for residents in the nursing care unit is low. This unit also admits non-residents on a space-available basis.


Admission Procedure

Nofim Tower admits people who are able to function independently.

After filling out a medical questionnaire and receiving approval by the in-house physician, candidates meet with an admissions committee that is authorized to approve admission to the facility and membership in Nofim Tower. The procedure ensures the acceptance of people who will integrate well with our community of residents. Following acceptance, candidates submit a payment of NIS 20,000 to ensure their place on the waiting list.

This payment is refunded in full should the candidate, for whatever reason, be removed from the list. When candidates reach the top of the waiting list, they are offered a selection of apartments. They have the right to refuse the offers made until a unit of their choice becomes available, without losing their place on the list.


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